Saturday, January 31, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3086: Katy Perry's Super Bowl XLIX press conference highlights - A Key Body Language Tell (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Katy Perry gave a press conference on Thursday regarding her upcoming Super Bowl XLIX half time show. There were, as usual, a ton of body language tells - yet one in particular was very illustrating and in full context. 

Early in the above video clip (during 0:14 - 0:15) we see Katy Perry's left leg bend at her knee and lift upwards while her right leg is firmly planted. This nonverbal behavior is known as "The Flamingo".

Named so because of the pretty pink bird's behavior of standing on one leg, The Flamingo is more commonly displayed by women and gay men (although sometimes seen in straight men as well).

The Flamingo is similar to the HABE ("Hair Adjust Behind the Ear") - as it also signals an up-regulation of alpha behavior. Said another way - the psyche is attempting to dial-up assertiveness and confidence. The Flamingo and the HABE both signal the need for this dynamic. They're both usually seen in people who already have a predominately alpha personality - yet they reveals itself in moments when a bit more confidence and strength are needed - and they're being summoned.

(It's important to NOT confuse The Flamingo with standing with one foot flat and the other foot with just the toes touching. This means something completely different - do you know what it indicates?). 

What other nonverbal signals are characteristic of the up-regulation of alpha emotional tone?

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