Sunday, January 4, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3058: Stuart Scott's ESPY Award Speech - a Common Yet Very Under-appreciated Signal of Sadness/Grief Suppression (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Stuart Scott, a father of two daughters and an ESPN sportscaster past away earlier today from appendiceal cancer.

At the 2014 ESPY Awards, Scott received the Jimmy V Award. The above video is an abbreviated version of his speech at the ESPYS (full version here).

During this seven minute video, Scott displays the nonverbal signal known as an "Inward Lip Roll" seven times (see below). The inward lip roll (ILR) is seen when we stray far from our emotional baseline and it's one of several signs of the psyche's attempt to suppress an inward crescendo as well as to prevent the outward manifestation of strong emotions. It's also seen in the context of focus physical acts. Most commonly it's seen in anger, however it's also seen in joy-happiness when trying to prevent an outbreak of laughter or smiling and thus may also be part of a duping delight body language cluster.

The ILR is also seen in the context of many other emotions. In the seven examples imaged below, Scott is trying to suppress the emotion of sadness & grief. He doesn't want to grow sadder or to begin crying. Several of these are even more dramatic examples of an ILR than is typically seen. Inward lip rolls have a very high sincerity quotient when displayed in the context of sadness-grief suppression.

My condolences to the family and friends of Stuart Scott. Mr. Scott you were a class act. Thank you for your example.

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(truncated inward lip roll)