Friday, January 30, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3085: Olivia Munn Doesn't Like Johnny Depp - Just Listen to Her Body Language (Not Her Words) (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Last week Olivia Munn was a guest on Conan promoting her most recent film "Mortdecai" in which she plays Georgina Krampf who is attracted to Charlie Mortdecai - who is played by Johnny Depp. What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of Ms. Munn's (Aaron Rogers' girlfriend) guest appearance - specifically what her emotions are towards Mr. Depp.

0:12 Contempt 

Munn displaying contempt just after she says, "We do, we have a very racy dance scene."

Notice how Olivia lifts up her butt from the chair as she says, "... very racy ....". In this cluster-context, this particular body language acts as a contempt amplifier.


Facial Touching (left)

In response to Conan's question, "Is it fun working with him?", Olivia scratches her left face adjacent to her nose and mouth as she answers, "It IS!" (Then a misdirecting-stalling question) "Have you met Johnny before?"



Same facial touching repeated on her right side. 

Most (but not all) facial touching-rubbing-scratching in response to giving an answer to a specific question is extremely consistent with high anxiety and highly consistent with deception.   


Subtle Disgust exhibited again

Just after Munn asks O'Brien, "Do you like him?" (Referring to Depp)

0:26 - 0:36

Sitting on Hands

(Continued and overlapping dialog from above photo)

Munn: "Do you like him?" (Referring to Depp)

O'Brien: "Ahhhh - YES!"

Munn: "Yes, Who doesn't? I mean .... He's ..."

O'Brien: "Whadda going to do say, 'No' ?"

Munn: "I know [inaudible] ..."

O'Brien: "He seems like a DICK to me!"

[Munn immediately sits on her hands]

Munn: "That was awkward, awkward question, awkward question."

O'Brien: "Not really a DEPP guy myself."

Munn: "Who ISN'T a Depp-guy? He's SO nice. He's just the nicest man [decrescendoing volume]."

O'Brien: "He seems like a very nice guy."

Munn: "Well especially in m-- [stops sitting on her hands] in aaa ..."

O'Brien: "But still - a DICK!"

Olivia Munn is very emotionally uncomfortable and her action of sitting on her hands for a full ten seconds reveals that she is also keeping her true feelings toward Johnny Depp to herself

1:00 - 1:01


"He'll just be rollin' his cigarettes over in the corner."

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