Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3082: Bill Belichick, Deflategate & Lip Smacking (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Throughout his most recent press conference regarding "deflategate", Bill Belichick smacks his lips quite frequently. Lip smacking is a body language behavior only seen in people who believe they're alpha relative to whomever they're speaking (who at best they deem subordinates). It's highly indicative of a self-righteous mindset. Lip smacking also carries with it a large degree of subjectivity.

Intriguingly lip smacking is also very often clustered with an extended blink. In this cluster-context prolonged blinking is a contempt amplifier. This is best seen when viewed at 1/2 or 1/4 speed on the YouTube option settings (wheel-like icon).

Thus when someone is saying "all the right things" yet, yet they are smacking their lips - you can be very sure that he/she is far from emotional baseline and thus by definition not objective. Lip smacking indicates arrogance and a patronizing tone that may be otherwise somewhat or partially - or even mostly - camouflaged (again, they usually are "saying what they're supposed to be saying"). Yet there often are other signals of self-righteousness/arrogance present - but are simply dismissed, downplayed or not seen. What others do you see the Super Bowl bound coach exhibiting during this video? What are some body language signs of deception here?

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