Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2828: Elliot Roger, Isla Vista/U.C. Santa Barbara Mass Shooting & Threat Assessment - Body Language and Threat Assessment (VIDEO, PHOTO)

The video above was made by Elliot Roger, the gunman who killed seven people and wounded thirteen more yesterday in Isla Vista, California near U.C. Santa Barbara. Like all mass-shooters and other mass-murderers there are warning patterns of nonverbal behavior seen here.

Mr. Roger displayed multiple examples of "Loose Forward Lip Purse".

This nonverbal is a strong and reliable indicator of clandestine disagreement (which he stated he had harbored for a long time) as well as a clandestine plan - and he believed he has a good chance of pulling off his plan. In addition this lip configuration signifies his belief that he is the alpha and others (his future victims) are the relative betas (clearly stated many times using slang and synonyms).

Many times in this video, Elliot Roger displayed one of the classic displays of contempt. Note the "snarl-like" configuration of his left lip and tightening of his mustache area.

Here we see one of the many displays of disgust.

Both contempt and disgust are amplified by the partial closure of the eyelids. And while Roger's eyelids appear to have a component of congenital droopiness (congenital ptosis), they do also display an additional dynamic partial closure.

Near the end of the video, Roger displays a "tongue in cheek". This nonverbal can have several meanings depending on the other body language with which it is clustered. In this context it is an alpha display signifying the emotion of "I just won".

While all of these nonverbal examples can be seen every day in those with no psychological problems - chronic displays of contempt and disgust are very often seen in those who perpetrate violent acts, terrorism and other mass killings. Knowing how to spot these and other emotions is a valuable tool in threat assessment.

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