Monday, May 26, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2830: Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian Elections and an Hyper-Alpha Body Language Signal (PHOTO)

It appears that billionaire Petro Poroshenko has been elected as Ukraine's next president. And while arm separatists continue to create significant unrest in the eastern portions of the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin has pledged to respect the Ukrainian people's choice in the election.

Poroshenko, who made his fortune in the candy business, is show in this image with his hands in a configuration in what in body language parlance is known as a "Steeple" - and more specifically a "Mid Conventional Steeple" (This steeple is a mid-level one as opposed to one more highly displayed - at the upper chest or face, or near the waist which is a lower steeple).

When used sparingly and for short duration the conventional steeple is a strong assertive signal. However most people who use the steeple - end up over-using it - rather than displaying it rarely and essentially choreographing its use. In such over-steepling scenarios it backfires and sends signals of arrogance, condescending and patronizing emotional tones. This alpha nonverbal then becomes a hyper-alpha one. Many leaders make this crucial mistake - and thus destroy rapport rather than building it.

What nonverbal signals on the "Chocolate King's" face?

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