Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2833: Edward Snowden & Neck of Fear - Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTO)

In Part 4 of the video interview of Edward Snowden's recent interview with Brian Williams (opt ahead to the video clip of 6:42 in duration), the former Booz Allen Hamilton subcontractor to the NSA displays a subtle example of both a "Neck of Fear". This nonverbal is about 0.7 seconds in duration - so although it is very evanescent, according to strict definition this is not a Microexpression. The defined duration of this body language phenomenon is to a degree arbitrary. But for the purpose of this and similar discussions - it will classified as a "Near-Microexpression".

Snowden explains his first encounter with attorney turned journalist Glenn Greenwald as follows (beginning at 3:27):

"It was a, ah ..... a really intimidating moment. You know it was ah ... it was the most real point of no return .... because the minute you start talking to a journalist as an intelligence officer ah - on camera - ah - there's really no going back. That's ah - that's where it all comes together."

Just after Snowden begins, as he says, "...a, ah..." we see the right side of his neck tighten (sternocleidomastoid muscle) very briefly. This is a classic yet very subtle nonverbal signal of fear.

Mr. Snowden's verbal, nonverbal and vocal qualities (paralanguage) are all congruent. This triple-agreement cluster-context is a very strong indicator of sincerity.

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