Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2829: Respect, Funerals, Memorials and Alpha vs. Beta - Body Language Tells (PHOTOS)

In the context of a funeral, memorial service, wedding or when meeting a high dignitary/senior religious figure - the hand-arm nonverbal configuration known as the "Fig Leaf" (with hands clasped in front of the lower abdomen or genitals aka "Genital Guarding") shows respect or deferential behavior (e.g. "I concede that I am the relative beta"). In these contexts this body language is therefore recommended - yet it usually is subconsciously driven behavior.

Along with the fig leaf hand-arm position - [an example of a MAP (Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier)] - when showing respect the body language cluster should also include a feet-together position. It is not possible to tell if all of these first responders in this memorial service (for those who died in the Moore Oklahoma Tornadoes) last year have their fee together - however the man second from the LEFT has his feet far apart.

In this context the fig leaf indicates several possible emotional interpretations. One is that the gentlemen who has his hands clasped behind his back feels a subconscious need to display alpha nonverbal signals because others of who may nearby. It is also possible that he did not have any respect for those who died - and thus has narcissistic personality disorder. Another possibility is that he has autistic tendencies and thus has a relative deficit for the natural use of body language in social context.

Many people look much too beta/demure than they should when outside the social-business scenarios mentioned above. In these other situations it indicates a low emotional comfort/low confidence emotional tone - but not so during a memorial service.

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