Saturday, May 31, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2835: Jay Carney Resigns - President Obama Shows Us a Body Language Tell (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Yesterday President Obama announced Jay Carney's resignation. Josh Earnest will be the new White House Press Secretary.

In the video above (beginning at 0:06), as he begins this announcement, Barack Obama says, " ... um .... One of Jay's favorite lines is, 'I have no personnel announcements at this time' ..."

Just after the President says "um" and then for the five words he displays an ear screw (a variation of ear scratch or ear rub). When occurring simultaneous or just before (and occasionally after) a declarative statement such as this - an ear screw is highly consistent with deception. Now such a "little white lie" is probably acceptable to most people - after all Barack is trying to open with a mildly comedic line here. And yet POTUS still displays a highly characteristic nonverbal signal consistent with lying.

Conclusion: President Obama is not a good liar. If he (or anyone else) cannot pull off the "little white lies" - then the big ones are practically impossible. The chances of displaying body language tells indicative of deception are proportional to the ramifications of getting caught in the lie.

There's a myriad of nonverbals in this video - which other ones are particularly telling? What characteristics of the President's and Carney's hug are sincere? Insincere?

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