Monday, May 19, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2823: Kendall Jenner, 5 Seconds of Summer & One Direction at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards - Anxiety Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Kendall Jenner pulled a John Travolta last night at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. She confused two boy-bands - the up-and-comers from Australia, "5 Seconds of Summer" (5SOS) with "One Direction". This is somewhat surprising as she used to date Harry Styles.

At 0:26 a subtle yet significant "Tongue Jut" is seen (more clearly visualized in video) - which in this nonverbal cluster-context indicates a self-deprecating "I just messed up" emotional mindset.

Depending on the other body language with which it is clustered the tongue jut can indicate what other thought-emotions?

During the 0:27 - 0:28 segment, Kendall Jenner commits a rapid "False Bow" or "Bow-Retreat" correlative with embarrassment (she also continues to blush) and is a form of one of many "Blocking Behaviors". It is helpful to think of this as a "temporary retreat" - similar to a turtle going in her shell - in order to partially collect one's emotions.

And although of low-resolution due to her rapid movement, a fear mouth can also be seen in this image.

Kendall's first Hair Adjust Behind Ear (HABE) nonverbal is seen at 0:28 as she is exiting from her bow-retreat is a body language MAP (Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier) indicating Ms. Jenner's psyche is attempting to "Dialing up Her Alpha" - essentially saying, "I need to be more assertive".

A second, cross-body HABE (0:29 - 0:30) indicating a need for further climbing out of her beta abyss.


At the 0:32 mark (and again about 0.5 second later), Ms. Jenner displays an "Eyebrow Flash" - and in this nonverbal cluster-context signals, "What the #$%&@?" - which is of course directed at those operating the teleprompter.


During 0:32 - 0:34, an essentially one & one-half arm self-hug with continued blushing indicates a significant increase of her beta behavior, a lowered degree of confidence and drop in emotional comfort.

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