Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2818: The Caring Hand, Palms Up and Building Rapport (PHOTO)

Besides being beautiful and very creative, this sculpture in Glarus, Switzerland is configured in a very giving and rapport building way. Known as "The Caring Hand" with only the thumb and fingers visible in a loose, palm-up orientation with the implied palm below the ground and not visible - the hand appears to be holding the roots of the tree - and brilliantly the body language of this art projects an open, caring and giving - yet still authoritative emotional-tone.

In the world of flesh and blood, people who use this loose, palms-up body language when gesturing (known as "illustrators" as when used properly, they serve to emphasize, underline and animate verbal language as well as paralanguage) will build much more rapport, make more sales, win more negations & elections, de-escalate many confrontations and convince multitudes of juries  - vs. the use of palms-down gestures. The palm-up illustrator with a loose hand, elbow and shoulder is thus very effective alpha-beta hybrid.

Palm-down hand movements are examples of alpha and hyper-alpha illustrators. Particularly rapport destroying and audience alienating (and amplified when the palm-down fingers are closed together, and when the wrist, elbow or shoulders are extended and stiff) - this will body language will destroy rapport and alienate audiences (even an audience of one).

Incredibly, the students or audience of teachers, professors, attorneys, speakers, etc. who use palms-up illustrators will have significantly higher retention-rates of the materials presented. 

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