Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2811: Jason and David Benham are Dropped from HGTV - Body Language of Subtle Contempt, Anger & Disgust (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

David and Jason Benham were dropped by HGTV for an upcoming show ("Flip it Forward") in which there were to help families purchase homes which they could not otherwise afford. Although they said that HGTV did not give them a reason for the cancellation - most speculate that it is due to a perception that the Benham Brothers are anti-LGBT.

Note: There is no political, religious or other agenda in this or any post on this site.

This video is a fantastic body language teaching video for it contains a multitude of great examples. Below are just two of them:

Jason (in blue) displays one of several microexpressions of contempt on the right side of his face. To some this nonverbal configuration may (very erroneously) resemble a slight smile. Others may call it a snarl or look of smugness. Here it is signified by an upturning of the right corner of his mouth and a tightening of the "mustache area" along with a flaring of his right nostril. This example occurs at 0:50 just as he anticipates Erin Burnett playing an audio recording of his brother speaking on a radio interview in September 2012. This is an image capture of that moment.

This image, taken from the 1:52 mark shows three subtle emotions on Jason Benham's face - anger, contempt and disgust.

The partial eyelid closure acts as an amplifier of all three of these emotions.

Can you see all the nonverbal components of these emotions?

What other body language did you see in this interview?

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