Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2804: Robinson Canó, Disgruntled fans - Body Language and the Back Pat (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Robinson Canó second baseman for the Mariners left the Yankees for Seattle in December of last year (for a ten-year $240 Million dollar contract). He is recently returned to New York as the two teams face off in a three-game series (each won a game and one was postponed).

In these hilarious set-ups on The Tonight Show staring Jimmy Fallon, Canó surprises some disgruntled fans. Of the men shown here, six of seven gave Robinson Canó man-hugs (similar to the abrazo) or abbreviated back pats as a form of a nonverbal apology/reconciliation. So while the body language of a back-pat during a hug on a many established personal and affectionate relationships is a nonverbal signal of discomfort for affectionate display (or even worse) - e.g., a waning relationship or insincere/"fake hug" - in this and similar contexts it is consistent with a sincere apology (here of the somewhat sheepish variety).

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