Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2821: Sara Bareilles, A Broken Wing, Emotional Comfort, and High Heels - Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

This interview of the very talented Sara Bareilles just prior to the 2014 Grammy Awards contains a truckload of body language tells - a few of which are described below.

At 0:46 Chris Booker begins, "You don't seem nervous."

Bareilles answers, "I oddly enough don't feel nervous right now ...."

The "Broken Wing" of Bareilles' loose and flexed left wrist (0:49 - 0:50) indicates she is telling the truth about her lack of anxiety. The presence of this body language illustrator only occurs when a significant amount of emotional comfort is present. Although it is occasionally seen displayed by straight men - this nonverbal is much more common in women and gay men.

At 1:27 - 1:28, just after Booker says he has seen Sara perform at least 20 times, we see Ms. Bareilles scratch just to the right of her nose with her left hand. This MAP (Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier) seen in this nonverbal-verbal cluster context is a clear signal that she does not believe Mr. Booker.


At 2:05, just after Sara says, "... Oh, it certainly does not feel like a night off, let me tell ya that - No. Not when anybody is saying that I should wear high heels. That is not a night off for Sara Bareilles [brief chuckle then tongue jut] ..."

The tongue jut can indicate several thought-emotions depending on the other nonverbals with which it is clustered. Here it indicates that Sara REALLY hates wearing high heels. It is identical to what the tongue does when an infant spits out her puréed carrots. In other nonverbal scenarios, what else may the tongue jut signal?

What does Sara's lip pout indicate at the 2:06 mark?

Many other nonverbals are present in this video. How many do you see?

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