Monday, November 11, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2599: Spotting Subtle Signals of Arrogance - Tiger Woods and Rachel Nichols (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In this short excerpt from a longer interview, Tiger Woods responds to Rachel Nichols' question, "As that stretch gets longer and longer without a major, what's that like when it builds? What's that pressure like as it builds and builds?"

Woods responds, "Well I [inaudible] for me, I look at it, the fact that it's, it takes a career. You know for, for Jack it took 'em 'til he was 46 [laugh]. Ummm, it takes a long time to win a lot a lot of Major Championships. And you're going to have your, your years where you play really well and may clip - you know two or three out of there. And then you're going to have your years where you just don't win anything, but you're there. Ah, you just don't happen to win. [Deep inhalation] And you know quite frankly over the last, well since oh-eight, um, I've been there with a chance to win in about half of them. Ummm, just haven't seem to have won one."

Between 0:37 - 0:38, Woods increases both his rate of blinking as well as some of his blinks' duration. This is known as an extended blink.

Just prior to this (0:36 - 0:37) Tiger also takes a deep inhalation.

At the 0:40 mark, Tiger displays a "Tongue Jut" (aka "Lizard Tongue"). This nonverbal conveys, "I've been bad", "I got caught", "I did a foolish thing" or "I got away with something".

It can also be a sign of excitement (a' la Katie Holmes).

All of the above very short-lived noverbals occur within a few seconds of each other (four to five seconds). In addition, Woods' use of the phrase, "... you know quite frankly ..." during the precise time of the increased and extended blinks is particularly telling. When "quite frankly" or "frankly" is spoken - it signals that the person views himself as an alpha relative to whom they are speaking. It also signifies he has an agenda and is in a highly subjective mindset. He is not interested in listening or observing. It is a strong sign of ego-driven behavior and much of the time, although the word declares truth, there is very often an element of deception present (paralanguage). Tiger is rationalizing aloud - yet within the context of his own self-talk, he does not feel he is (or has been for the last 5 seasons) the "same old Tiger".

This cluster of increase rate and duration of blinking, deep inhalation, a tongue jut and use of the phrase, "... you know quite frankly ..." is significant for arrogant, egocentric and patronizing behavior. Any recipient know they are 'being played' and viewed as a beta.

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