Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2598: Benjamin Netanyahu's Body Language regarding Iran Nuclear Proliferation and Negotiations (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Benjamin Netanyahu speaks in this interview about Iran's nuclear proliferation and near-nuclear weapon active status and some of the problems related to the most recent negotiations on this issue.

Note: Since the original writing of this post, the video has since been deleted from its CBS internet source.

At several times during this video (e.g., 1:14 - 1:15 and 7:15 - 7:17), the Prime Minister of Israel displays a particular nonverbal known as the "Self-Righteous Head Wiggle" (SRHW). This body language is often exhibited by those who view themselves as high relative alphas. This alpha status is usually context-related (e.g. in other arenas they may indeed be predominantly betas). It consists of a relatively high frequency side-to-side head and neck movement. It is very commonly accompanied by a significant definitive verbal statement about which they are quite passionate and very confident. These verbal components often have an increased volume and sound frequency as well as well as an increased rate of speech.

Other features of this assertive (and sometimes hyper-assertive) body language include a superimposed backward vectoring of head movement (indicating added incredulity or sometimes disgust) or forward head movement (thus overlaying a scolding/reprimanding emotion). It is not unusual to see similar analog moments of the jaw and/or torso - either in isolation or as an adjunct to the SRHW.

Self-righteousness is an emotion which we all feel more often than we believe. It is not used here as example to say that Mr. Netanyahu (or anyone else) should or shouldn't feel in such a way - nor to pass judgment on Iran's desire or designs for nuclear weapons. Rather this example is an effort to teach nonverbal communication.

There were several other highly significant nonverbal tells throughout this video; which ones did you see? Which ones did you miss?

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