Friday, November 15, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2606: Brett Farve Displays Body Language of Fear about any Son Playing Football (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In this snippet of a longer interview to be aired on 18 November 2013, Brett Farve told the camera and Matt Lauer that if he had a son, "... I would be real leery of him playing [football]." Although the former Green Bay Packer great and future Hall-of-Famer says, "... leery ..." - his body language is saying FEAR. This very distinct but short-lived nonverbal is displayed at two distinct times in the form of microexpressions.

Microexpressions of fear are often partially displayed - primarily or only on one side. In these examples, Farve's left corner of his mouth pulls quickly laterally and at a downward angle. This can be gauged by seeing how the lower teeth momentarily become more visible (Mouth of Fear). Although these are captured below in still images, it is extremely valuable to view these in the dynamic and more real-world context of the video (above).

This first microexpression of fear (at 0:10) is less pronounced and of shorter in duration.

In this display second display at 0:12, the more pronounced example of microexpression of fear is seen.

Note that Favre's central forehead is contracted. In this context it is highly consistent with fear of emotional or physical pain - either for himself or via empathy of fear he is feeling for a child - the son he doesn't have and the message he is sending here to other parents.

In each of these examples, but also more pronounced in the second one, Favre's left neck muscles can also be seen very quickly contracting. Often called the "Neck of Fear", this nonverbal only lasts a fraction of a second here (another microexpression).

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