Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2604: Obamacare Girl "Adrianna" on GMA - Body Language Harbingers of .... (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The failure of the Obamacare Website and the cancellation of millions of health insurance policies has left the woman known as "Obamacare Girl" feeling maligned and bullied. This brief interview demonstrates several common nonverbal pre-crying displays. Such signals of sadness may or may not be successful in suppressing tears. 

At 2:01 Obamacare Girl (Adrianna) briefly breathes through  tightened and narrowed lips. This particular "Tight-Lipped Breathing" is characterized by one (or multiple shallow and) rapid breath(s) and is very commonly seen in anticipation of a significant emotional event (here crying on national television and sharing her story with millions) and has an unpredictable outcome feeling for those displaying this nonverbal. This tight-lipped breathing along with increased and shallow respiration rate, also is associated with increased adrenaline, rapid pulse and a rise in blood pressure.  Some may confuse it with the "puffer fish" which occurs both before, but more commonly after a significant event; however the puffer fish (which is usually just a few or even a single expiration) brings on a lower pulse, deeper and slower breaths as well as lower blood pressure.

The puffer fish lowers anxiety while tight-lipped breathing (TLB) is associated with increased anxiety - and thus often is a harbinger of a crying-emotional release.

At 2:02 Adrianna can be seen very briefly "pulling in" her central cheeks in what is a very evanescent "False Mastication like" display.

This is a very common anxiety indicator and is also subconsciously used in an attempt to suppress crying.

We see an increase reflectivity in Adrianna's eyes in this image (2:04) which indicates more tear-film from the expressing of "crying tears".

It is very common to gaze upward prior to crying in an effort to suppress sadness and tears. 

Chin dimpling, seen here - also see at 2:04, is also a very common crying harbinger.

Subtle chin dimpling is seen displayed at 2:11 along with mild-to-moderate jaw jutting.

Although a jaw jut is seen usually in the context of anger, it may also be occur to stave off an emotional display of tears.

Adrianna also sports widely opened eyelids - which is is also common in the moments just prior to crying and near-crying.

At 2:12 we see Adrianna in a specific  facial expression termed an "Inward Lip Roll" (ILR). It is the psyche's attempt to suppress an escalation of emotion - both internally and in body language. The ILR is more commonly seen in the setting of anger and also on occasion to suppress joy-laughter.

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