Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2591: Chris Christie on Romney's Campaign Vetting Leak, Body Language Tells (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Chris Christie easily won re-election as Governor of New Jersey. In a state that is traditionally democrat strong hold, Christie won strong with ~60% of the vote.

During the 2012 Presidential campaign, when Mitt Romney's team was considering Christie for the V.P. slot, key personal vetting information was leaked. This occurred just after Christie was seen to be by many as trying to be over-friendly to President Obama in the days just after Hurricane Sandy - and just prior to the election.

Watch the video above first for your assessment of the Body Language Tells. A partial analysis of this video appears below.

Jake Tapper asks Governor Christie, "... If you were to ... look ahead, I can't help but think about this new book, 'Double Down', And I don't want to get into all the details, and I know you haven't read the book, but it seems very clear that when you submitted information, confidential information to the Romney campaign when they were considering you for Vice President - somebody violated that trust and gave information to the authors of this book. There'll be time later for you to address all those issues - but I wonder what you think about that - about the fact that - you trusted these people and, and one of them clearly betrayed you?"

During the 0:13 - 0:15 segment in particular, as Tapper says, "... confidential information ...", Gov. Christie's lips thin in a highly reliable nonverbal anger display. Although he does a good job at diminishing his anger after approximately two seconds, careful observation gives us a significant glimpse behind Christie's emotion curtain on this issue.

At 0:29, just after Tapper says, "... but I wonder what you think about ..." we see a subtle body language cluster of signals. There is once again a very slight thinning of Christie's lips along with a bit of nostril flaring, mild mid-face tightening and bilateral eyelid closure. All of these occur just as the Governor begins to reach for his tie and indicate anger-anxiety.

During the 0:30 - 0:32 segment, the possible 2016 Presidential Candidate displays a "Tie Stroke". A tie stroke is an example of a nonverbal MAP-surrogate. A MAP (manipulator, adaptor, pacifier) in short is a form of self-touching. Here Christie's tie is an extension of his body (thus a surrogate). MAPs are typically seen during times of increased anxiety. Depending on the other nonverbals with which they are clustered, MAPs can have different and more specific meanings.

A tie stroke is a less overt subconscious substitute for another body part, wherein the front, long portion of the tie is falsely adjusted, held, lifted, caressed or groomed during times of elevated anxiety - rather than touching a body part.

One common female analog for this behavior is adjusting or touching a necklace. 

There are many other significant nonverbal signs in this short video. What others did you see on a second viewing which you didn't spot the first time?

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