Friday, November 1, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2582: Jay Carney Dismisses (and is Embarrassed by) Low Obamacare Enrollment Numbers (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Many were surprised to find out just six people (nationwide) purchased policies for Obamacare on its first day and only 248 by the end of the second day. In the video above, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney minimizes this low enrollment. His body language at two key moments is discussed below.

Note: The original video has, since the original post, been removed from its online source. The images below however, were captured from this video. 

At 0:49 mark, just after Carney says, "... Let me just tell you now, on November first we don't expect those numbers to be very high ..." - his upper lip is very thin in a highly reliable body language display of anger.

Less than a second later, Carney's Jaw-mouth-lips quickly and very briefly shift laterally (here to his left) in what is known as a "Jaw Confessional". Because of its short duration, this is an example of a microexpression.

The jaw confessional is a quick and evanescent lateral movement of jaw seen just prior to statements which the speaker feels has elements of embarrassment (a slow movement that may look somewhat similar to this indicates a completely different emotional-thought; do you know what this is?).

An instant later, the very next thing Carney says is, "...and we never did, but they're going to be even lower because of the challenges we've had with the website ..." He is of course embarrassed at this statement and such a conclusion is not surprising in this particular example. There are many times however, when a jaw confessional is seen in settings that will contradict the verbal message. When the verbal and the nonverbal messages are not congruent - the nonverbal message is always correct.

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