Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2603: Sarah Palin's Body Language - She Feels Disgust toward Pope Francis and ... She Tells a Fib (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In this recent interview of Sarah Palin, she displays many fantastic examples of body language. Two of these extremely valuable emotional-thought tells are discussed below.

At 0:16 in the above video when she recounts her story of being 12 years old - the former Governor of Alaska displays a unilateral near-eye scratch. In the midst of a declarative statement this specific nonverbal signal is very highly correlative with deception. This is not to suggest that Ms. Palin is lying about being a "born again" Christian or that some of her story is not true - however a portion of it is fabricated.

In the context of critiquing Pope Francis, beginning at 2:18 the 2008 U.S. Vice-Presidential candidate says, "... he's had some statements that to me seem kinda liberal ..." At 2:22 during the first syllable of  the word "kinda" she displays a classic microexpression of disgust. Her dramatic and bilateral nostril dilation is highly demonstrative of this emotion.

Not only does Sarah Palin think Pope Francis is liberal - he disgusts her.

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