Friday, November 1, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2581: Syria, Ambassador Robert Ford and a Body Language of Deception (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Within the above video is a fantastic nonverbal example of a lying tell. When making a definitive and declarative statement (as Ambassador Ford does here) - a nose rub/scratch is highly indicative with deception.

Beginning at the 0:36 mark, Senator Corker asks, "Do you feel good about what our country is doing with the opposition right now?"

Robert Ford then answers back, "Senator, there's not a person on my team at the State Department that doesn't feel frustrated, frustrated by the Syrian Problem in general". He begins this specific, declarative statement by rubbing the area just to right side of his nose. There can be no doubt - there is some level of deception being projected here.

What other body language signal clustered here is congruent with deception?

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