Friday, March 1, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2319:
Dennis Rodman Hugging Kim Jong-un ...
Body Language Tells

Dennis Rodman, along with the Harlem Globe Trotters, visited North Korea this week. Kim Jung-un, the country's leader is known to be an avid basketball fan, particularly of the Chicago Bulls. Here "The Worm" is shown hugging the Supreme Leader of North Korea. Of course, everyone would guess this hug is not one of affection - however although this is not a video - this photo does give some great body language illustrators as to the level of discomfort being felt here by both men. Note that both of their right hands are several centimeters off their respective backs. This indicates there is a very high likelihood that this image was captured while each man was patting each other. Such a "pat on the back" signals, "let's end this hug now". If it occurs from the beginning of the hug, it's a sure nonverbal sign of a low level of comfort (which very probably occurred here). And if such a patting begins to occur during hugs in the context of marriage or dating, etc. (not meant to be implied in this scenario of course), it is a very strong signal of a decrescendo of affection and a waning of the relationship.

What other nonverbal signals are present here which indicate low affection and low comfort?

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