Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2339:
Alpha, Beta, Body Language & Rapport Destroyers

Although a still image, the scenario above shows several key nonverbal signals and tells a story - almost as if it were a video. The alpha male, on the right is displaying an index finger (forefinger) point - and in what is probably a "wag" or chopping motion along with it. The finger point is a cross-cultural and universal negative gesture. Extremely offensive, it will cause both anger and fear along with decreased comprehension of whomever at which the appendage is pointed. It is not a way to build rapport. On the contrary it is a huge rapport destroyer. When this overly aggressive gesture in amalgamated with a chop, it amplifies these negative emotions to the extreme.

Here the primary recipient (the man in the middle of this image) is displaying a common body language manifestation of anxiety - false mastication or false chewing of the inside of the cheek. Sometimes it is the tongue or lip which is softly bitten and/or chewed. Notice his upper eyelids are also opened wider than normal. In this context, this eye nonverbal signifies fear. Be mindful though, for in other nonverbal clusters these dynamics have completely different meanings. His superior (alpha) is invoking a hierarchical display resulting in fear, anxiety and a poorer awareness of details in his subordinate (beta).

Too many confuse being in a leadership position with being a leader. And when it comes to body language there are no exceptions. Autopilot doesn't cut it.

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