Friday, March 8, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2326:
Russian Ballet Dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko
Confesses to Sulfuric Acid Attack on Colleague Sergei Filin
Body Language Signals of Anxiety

In the above video, Pavel Dmitrichenko - a lead solo dancer at Bolshoi, the famed Russian Classical Ballet company confesses to masterminding the attack on Sergei Filin. Dmitrichenko says that he orchestrated the attack, but that it was not intended to involve sulfuric acid. The caustic chemical was thrown onto the face of the Bolshoi's artistic director on 17 January 2013. He suffered severe burns of his face and eyes requiring numerous surgeries. It is not known to what extent his vision will recover.

During the 0:15 - 0:40 segment of this video, when first he states he is a suspect and subsequently confesses to organizing the assault, his rate of blinking is quite dramatic. The individual blinks are also of longer duration. These are both strong  nonverbal indicators of anxiety. It is most important to note any increase frequency of blinking at these moments of suspected stress - compared to other times when the anxiety level is much lower. With rare exception however, Dmitrichenko' blinking is so frequent - this body language stands on its own.

Another coexistent nonverbal is his relatively rapid rocking back and forth. In this context - what is indicated by this body language?

There are several other signals here which indicate Pavel Dmitrichenko confessed prior to this video - e.g. this was the second (or third, etc.) time he made this confession. What nonverbals point to this conclusion?

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