Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2341:
Angela Bassett Interview -
Rationalization Rapport Empathy Expression
R2E2, Body Language & "Olympus has Fallen"

In the above video for the new movie "Olympus has Fallen", Angela Bassett twice exemplifies the Rationalization Rapport Empathy Expression - both at 1:18 and again at 1:19. Many who see this will confuse it with the emotion of disgust or anger. And although it does indeed look similar to both - its meaning is radically different. The R2E2 is displayed during a conversation when the speaker is trying to rationalize, is seeking rapport and/or is trying to recruit the listener into co-rationalization (empathy recruitment) of their idea, opinion, action, etc.

These two examples of R2E2, particularly the second one (imaged below) are significantly more dramatic than most. While one cause of such an extreme R2E2 display is a greater desire for co-rationalization, empathy and/or rapport. This is not the case here with Ms. Bassett though. So why is this facial nonverbal so extreme?

We all display the R2E2. It often is accompanied by higher pitch and quicker speech. Forced laughter is also commonly seen along with a leaning forward and sometimes touching or reaching towards those being spoken to. These additional paralanguage modifiers and nonverbal behaviors serve as amplifiers of the emotion behind the R2E2.

When you observe the R2E2 nonverbal, ask yourself why the person displaying this body language is not fully convinced of what they are saying - or why they believe you are not fully convinced of their opinion. It can be a sign either insincerity (particularly when used excessively) and/or they are trying (too hard) to sell you some thing or some idea. Be wary.

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