Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2325:
Mila Kunis' interview with Chris Stark on BBC Radio 1 re:
Oz the Great and Powerful -
Body Language, Sexual Attraction and Mirroring

This is a hilariously fun interview to watch. In the video above a self-admitted rookie, Chris Stark of BBC Radio 1 (U.K.), interviews mega-star Mila Kunis. He's supposed to be asking her questions about Kunis' latest screen role as "Theodora" - the youngest witch in the new movie, "Oz, the Great and Powerful". Stark is clearly smitten with Ms. Kunis (as are most men) and he freely admits his anxiety. Because of candidness - and Mila's empathy - a highly entertaining interview ensues. Lots of Body language here - worthy of many posts. Here are a just a few highlights which are instructive and will surprise many:

Self-touching of one's head or neck is a clear signal of anxiety. We can nuance the Body language much more though depending on what other nonverbals it is clustered with - as well as the verbal and paralanguage cues. Here we see Chris Stark's left forearm as he is feeling anxiety. The reason he's feeling nervous is he's about to ask Ms. Kunis to go with him to his friend "Dicko's" wedding.

Here is Stark from the front a few seconds later persisting in this head touching. He's also blushing (which he does easily and often throughout the interview).

A few more seconds pass and Ms. Kunis mirrors his action. We mirror people who we:
     - are "in sync" with,
     - who we respect, or
     - those to whom we're attracted.
But which one is it?

When Mila's arm extends laterally and fully exposes her armpit we know she is feeling sexually attracted. This subconscious but natural transition from the mirroring behavior also puts breast on display and releases pheromones or pheromone-like substances from the armpits. It also signals of over-all health and well-being. This may strike some as odd or not very likely, but it is unequivocally true. Most who watch this interview probably can sense this chemistry intuitively and will find themselves hoping that she takes a short break from her film in June and attends Dicko's wedding with the brave Chris Stark.

Mila drops other verbal and nonverbal hints during this interview - can you spot them? She has a very high empathy quotient. Can you recognize this incredibly valuable quality? What other body language beacons are signaled here?

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