Friday, March 22, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2342:
Barack Obama at Jerusalem Convention Center in Israel
What the President's Body Language Says to a Heckler

Yesterday the U.S. President revealed two key emotion-thoughts via his body language during his speech at the Jerusalem Convention Center.


Mr. Obama is telling lie - a small lie - but none the less he is still lying. Touching one eye (here the brow at 0:59) during a statement or when answering a factual question is highly indicative of a lie. Though POTUS knows everyone is aware he is joking-lying when he says, " I have to say we actually arranged for that because it made me feel at home", it is still displayed with this nonverbal flag of deception (be wary, for touching both eyes simultaneously has a completely different meaning).


He is using his middle finger in this MAP (manipulator, adaptor, pacifier). Thus he is "flipping off" the heckler/protester at the same time he prepares to tell his joke-lie. This is but one example of a "Partial Emblematic Slip" (Ekman) wherein the Emblem (here "The Bird") is only displayed in an abbreviated fashion and not in its typical conscious display - for this nonverbal subconsciously initiate and displayed (as 99.9+% are).

The President (like all of us) tend to commit these (and similar tells) with our non-dominant hands when the lie is small (here he uses his right, non-dominant hand) and our dominant hands for higher levels of deception. 

Here, as part of this "Deception Cluster", the President bites his right lower lip as he prepares to lie at the 1:00 mark.

Prolonged eyelid closure is manifested as the lip bite continues - a subconscious "blocking-out" of the lie (also at 1:00)

Barack Obama juts his tongue out (at 1:01). Just before the lie. In this cluster, his "Tongue Jut" is akin to a child pushing out food he/she doesn't like. For he doesn't really want to lie - no one does - it tastes bad.

All these body language tells are package in a nonverbal sentence which follow in rapid succession. In body language parlance, this is known as a "cluster".

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