Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2336:
Jodi Arias "Secret Video" Jury Will Not See -
Extremely Out of Context Body Language

As psychologist Dr. Michael Brannon says, there are many things which are obviously incongruous in the above edited video of Jodi Arias. It was filmed when she was alone on the day she was arrested and charged with first degree murder of her former boyfriend Travis Alexander. Standing on one's head is obvious and could arguably be (as was also stated here) a form of exercise/meditation to cope with the stress. 

From a body language perspective, when Ms. Arias says to herself, "You should have at least done your make Jodi. Gosh." - her hands preen her hair and her elbows stick out laterally (in strong distinction to and sends a completely different message from when the elbows are pointed forward). This is a nonverbal signal of very high confidence and specifically says she is thinking of herself in a sexual context. This configuration puts breast on display, indicates high vitality, engenders the release of pheromone-like substances (vomodors) and also exemplifies a self-preening behavior. 

To be thinking of oneself in a sexual context in the midst of an interrogation on the day of an arrest for first degree murder of her former boyfriend is extremely incongruous for normal behavior. This is particularly true given her later admission of killing Alexander in self-defense. It also indicates that Jodi Arias had, at that time at least, a high level of confidence that she would be found to be innocent of murder.

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