Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2348:
Prince William, Alpha Personalities & Body Language

A helicopter pilot in the Royal Air Force Search and Rescue Force and soon to be father - Prince William is shown in the above video (0:05 - 0:06) and in the images below in a "Lip Purse" (Specifically this is a symmetrical and loose sub-type). This nonverbal display is very commonly seen in an alpha personalities - or scenarios where the person displaying this expression is an alpha - relative to the people in the immediate vicinity. It's one body language tell which signals clandestine disagreement - where little or no opposition is voiced, but a difference of opinion with the action being seen or spoken by another party is very much being felt. Moreover those expressing the loose, symmetrical lip purse (here Prince William) have the means to carry off their plan (and will do so clandestinely) and have high degree of confidence that they will succeed or the other person's plan of action will fail.

The Duke of Cambridge is probably feeling this emotion towards the camera crew or other press involved in filming/making of this documentary (soon to be aired by the BBC). Yet this expression, and important variations of it, are oft displayed but missed - in the board room, in the court room, in the exam room, in negotiations and on the sales floor - and their ramifications and thus the next best move goes unrecognized and uninitiated.

Most people commit the equivalent of "stumbling in the dark" when it comes to body language. They "give away" and overlook terabytes of valuable nonverbal information. Have you tripped lately and not even know it?

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