Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2337:
Rick Santorum at 2013 CPAC
Body Language,Facial Tension & Hand Tension

We all have moments like this - when we're expressing strong (or very strong) emotions - but their words are very often not congruent. Here former Senator Rick Santorum is seen in this still image in the midst of a speech at the 2013 CPAC. Most people will see that Senator Santorum is expressing anger here. This is primarily displayed by his jaw jut (thrusting forward) and his teeth clenching. He also has significant mid-face tension and nostril dilation. What many people overlook is coexisting hand tension. Anger and anxiety are very often manifested via hand tension - however these are not always as obvious as Santorum's tight, raised fist. If you're unsure as to the subtle emotional signs you're seeing - look at their hands. Often, while their arms may be "resting" at their sides - their hands will very often show tension. This will often betray what's really going on in their emotional brains. Don't just listen to their words - for when their verbal and nonverbal communication are in conflict, the body language is always correct. 

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