Monday, March 4, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2322:
Jeb Bush & Matt Lauer - Which one is the Narcissist?
Body Language Red Flags

This video segment of Matt Lauer interviewing Jeb Bush demonstrates some of the body language routinely exhibited by a narcissist. The morning show host crosses his right leg over his left knee - coming within a few centimeters of the former two-term governors right leg - well into his personal space. Lauer's left arm is over the left back of his chair throughout much of the interview while he points both the point of his pen and as well as left index finger (forefinger) at the possible 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate from Florida. Moreover he wags his finger as he points. This is offensive in virtually any setting and across all cultural boundaries. His voice is louder and his tones are more harsh than most people consider normal - even for media-interview context.

Here we see several nonverbal (and verbal) narcissist tendencies:
  • Deliberate encroachment into another person's personal space while trying to look relaxed (Lauer's Leg)
  • Taking up more space with arms
  • Index finger pointing - particularly pointing with a wag or chopping motion, Pointing with sharp end of Pen
  • Speaking louder for the social context
  • Tone-of-voice harsh for social context
  • Accusatory (e.g. Here Bush becomes a pseudo-target for events/things for which he was not responsible)
  • Directing the conversation (This is of course normal for a talk show - although many would give an ex-governor, a brother & son of Presidents and possible future Presidential Candidate a bit more conversational latitude and courtesy. In most other scenarios, this conversational directing tendency, rather than true dialog - is a warning sign)
  • False aka Pseudo-smiles 
  • Excessive forehead muscle contraction (insincerity, narcissism or worse)

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