Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2251:
Updated FBI Photo of Escaped Convict Kenneth Conley -
What Warning Signs do you see in his Body Language?

The above image is recently released FBI file image of Kenneth Conley, who along with Joseph "Jose" Banks recently escaped from a prison in Chicago. They engineered an ingenious escape with false bars on the cells and tied bed sheets from 15 plus stories up after enlarging a narrow window. Banks has been apprehended, however Conley, his recent cell-mate is still at large. Although there is certainly no single body language-facial display which indicates criminal history, there is a cluster here which should place your antennae at a modestly increased alert. There is slight eyelid closure seen in this photo, which may very well be congenital or acquired ptosis - however these "droopy lids" are seen at a statistically increased incidence in "mug shots" - and here it (false ptosis) is a signal of contempt. The slight backwards tilt of his head & neck in this cluster-context is also consistent with contempt (ergo the colloquial "looking down his nose at you").

Although facial asymmetry may very well contribute to nose appearance, Mr. Conley's right nostril is slightly dilated. His right nasal-labial furrow (the natural skin crease that runs downward at about a 45 degree angle from the side/middle of the nose above the "mustache area" out past the corners of the mouth) is also accentuated here. The right side of his mouth is also drawn very slightly upwards. His subtle head tilt is also congruent with this language-facial expression. All of these findings are indicative of a contemptuous emotional tone. 

Lastly, while there are plenty of ethical and law-abiding people from every walk of life with facial hair, the incidence of beards, goatees, mustaches, soul-patches, elongated side-burns, etc. are all statistically significantly more common in those who have committed crimes. Adults across the world will statistically have less trust of those with facial hair. Even pre-verbal children fear men with facial hair more compared to those who are clean-shaven. These tendencies are embedded in human psyches.

Surprise - Conley also has a tattoo of a devil on his upper right arm (also a sun tattoo on back. 38 years old, 6'0" tall, 185 lbs.)

In summary, the above cluster with multiple cluster displays in particular along with the facial hair (a minor component but statistically raises probability) - these should elevate your threat-assessment quotient. Anyone can identify someone who's screaming a wielding  a gun or a knife as a threat. How good are you at seeing a threat before it happens?

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