Friday, January 18, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2272:
Lance Armstrong's Mia Culpa with Oprah Winfrey
Body Language Part I

In this brief segment of his confessional with Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong displayed multiple examples of an "Inward Lip Roll" (ILR). With inward lip roll, the entire upper and lower lips disappear as they are gently bitten by the teeth. Tension in the jaw muscles and chin-wrinkling (here it is subtle) can also be seen. These can be seen in the above video at 0:20 - 0:22 (two in rapid succession), 0:25, 0:32, and 0:42. This was one of the most common nonverbals the former (false) Tour de France champion's made throughout this interview. The ILR is a strong signal of anxiety and more specifically tells us that the psyche is trying to suppress an outward emotional display. Usually it is a negative emotion which is attempting to be squelched - such as anger or sadness. Here Armstrong is suppressing anger. People will also commonly display this facial expression-body language when they are trying to prevent themselves from crying or even laughing.

At 0:17, Armstrong displays a one-sided "psuedo-smile" which is insincere.

At 0:30, the disgraced bicycler exhibits a relatively subtle facial expression on his left side indicating contempt. There is mild flaring of his left nostril (difficult to see) and mid-facial tension present. His vocal tone also has a bit of a "verbal swagger" here (as he says, "...this is too late"). This suggests his contempt is not directed at himself, and/or there is a self-serving emotional tone at this moment.

Can you spot another key nonverbal cluster indicating anger? Stay tuned for part Deux.

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