Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2265:
Ryan Gosling pulls a woman from audience on Conan -
His Classic Body Language Tell

In this hilarious clip from Conan, his guest Ryan Gosling pulls a woman from the audience. She ends up acting as a surrogate for his responses to O'Brien. This is full of great body language, but I want to call your attention to Gosling's mouth during the 1:09 - 1:10 segment. His mouth configures to an asymmetrical lip purse to his right side. This one-sided purse conveys a decision making emotional-tone. His body language is very clearly saying, "Who shall I pick?" Moreover, this asymmetrical lip purse usually is being made in a very open, non-clandestine manner. 

Intriguingly, McKayla Maroney (one member of the 2012 U.S. Olympic Women's Gymnastics team) during a medal ceremony at the London Olympics made a longer lasting and less subtler version of this expression which was widely misinterpreted the World over as "not impressed", a pout, scowl, contempt, disgust, anger, etc.

There is no attempt at keeping secrets being contemplated here in Gosling's (or Maroney's) body language - although one subtle change (not seen in either example) would convey a covert emotional mindset. Do you know what this other nonverbal is?

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