Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2270:
David Moyes Post Match Interview
Everton's Manager's Botox & Body Language

Recently, the Everton football club played to a 0-0 draw against Swansea City. This is a segment of one of the post-match interviews of Everton's manager, David Moyes. During the 0:29 - 0:33 segment just as Mr. Moyes says, "....but overall, you know, I can't really fault our boys. They made the opportunities ....", he reaches up with his right hand and rubs his right ear. When an ear rub is performed with a declarative statement (such as seen here) or when answering a question, this is highly consistent with a lie. Of course there are many other nonverbal signals useful in deception detection. Any objective observer who watched the match would concede that Everton had more than their share of missed opportunities. 

Intriguingly, Mr. Moyes upper eyelids tend to over-react (e.g., freeze the video at 0:30) as a (common) side-effect of his Botox injections within his forehead. Such cosmetic treatments are very ill-advised for anyone involved in motivating players (or students, employees, children, etc.) or who desire to project sincerity (pretty much all 7 Billion of us, eh?) - for the inability to express fully any part of the face is a huge handicap. The forehead is oft used as a body language "Illustrator" - e.g. to add emphasis, display anger, convey empathy, etc. (depending on the nuances present within the forehead as well as the rest of the face and body). In addition this over-compensating upper eyelid elevation will give false and confusing emotional signals - in this example fear, however in other nonverbal cluster-contexts, this side-effect may give rise to false signals of severe anger/rage or surprise.

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