Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2285:
Emotional Processing during Crying -
Body Language of Survivor of Brazilian Nightclub Fire

Pamella Vedovotto, a survivor of the Kiss nightclub fire in Santa Maria, Brazil is interviewed in the above video. In it she describes how her life was saved by a stranger - and how friends died. Even as distant observers we share her grief and anguish. During such moments of intense sadness, the act of covering our eyes, nose and mouth are nonverbal signals of emotional-processing - not to cover our tears. The emotional brain is attempting to "catch up" with what the senses and the intellect already know. Emotions slip momentarily into micro-bursts of denial, only to be flooded back to reality by logic and reason. 

There is a strong correlation in those who cover their eyes, mouth, nose and place their full palm (palmar touch) on their sternum or over their heart (left chest) - and how routinely they put themselves in other peoples' shoes. Such body language indicates high empathy quotients.

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