Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2262:
Katherine Webb (A.J. McCarron's Girl Friend)
Interview on "Today Show" -
Her multiple Body Language Tells

Katherine Webb, Miss Alabama USA and the girlfriend of University of Alabama's quarterback, A.J. McCarron, was interviewed yesterday on the "Today" show. There were many body language tells during this video segment. Here are some of them:

Ms. Webb displayed multiple examples of fear - nonverbally manifested specifically in the classic expressions of the "Neck of Fear" as well as the "Mouth of Fear". These can be seen multiple times in the above video, e.g. at 0:47, 0:49-0:50, 2:26, 2:35 and 2:39.

At the 1:31, mark Ms. Webb's torso shifts backwards (away from camera), her eyelids squint (partially shut), and there is subtle mid-face tightening of her upper lip and the area just above her upper lip. This cluster-context signifies anger. She is upset at Matt Lauer for second-guessing her and essentially saying she wasn't truthful when she answered the first time.

Very evanescently, in a classic microexpression of joy-happiness Ms. Webb displays a smile at the 1:34 mark. This is in response to Lauer referencing Brent Musburger's commenting on her appearance.

After Lauer asks, "...with a little hindsight, how do you feel about the comments?", Miss Alabama shows us multiple subtle indications of contempt. These are well exemplified from 1:42 - 1:53
 1:42 - 1:53 and 1:59 - 2:07 and resembles a slight snarl and/or unilateral lip curl.

At the 2:05 mark a "Rationalization, Rapport, Empathy Expression" (R2E2) can be seen. This is a common nonverbal seen when someone is trying to convince you of their point-of-view.

Later, at the 2:32 mark, Ms. Webb displays a cluster of nonverbal expressions of anger with her upper lip thinned out, tightening of the area above her upper lip, a wrinkled chin, a bulging lower lip and her jaw tightly clenched.

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