Friday, January 4, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2255:
Depardieu’s Adieu, Vladimir’s Invite and Richard Quest's
Body Language of Distancing, Dirty and Disgust

Yesterday Vladimir Putin made good on his promise to grant citizenship to the French Actor Gerard Depardieu. The Russian President, who calls Depardieu a friend, had initially made the offer two weeks ago after the actor bought a home in Belgium and made inquiries as to acquiring citizenship there. This was in response to French President François Hollande’s proposal to increase the income tax rate on those making over one million euros a year to seventy-five percent (the current rate is forty-one percent).  

In the above video, Jim Bitterman and Richard Quest report and editorialize on Depardieu's and Putin's motives. Both their body language and facial expressions display a strong disgust and disapproval towards the Russian leader's behavior. A particularly telling highlight is seen during the 1:49 - 1:51 segment just after Quest says, "....they're going to wonder, want to know if Putin's up to!", he wipes both palms and fingers on his upper abdomen. This is a strong nonverbal metaphor for wiping the "dirt" off of your hands. It signals that Quest has a strong desire to distance himself from Putin's actions. The fact that Quest exhibits a full "palmar touch" indicates honest belief - consistent with his verbal states and a thus a high "Sincerity Quotient".

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