Monday, December 31, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2250:
Deal Reached on "Fiscal Cliff",
Barack Obama's Body Language
and the "Split-Finger Fastball"

This morning Barack Obama gave another speech regarding the Fiscal Cliff. It he expressed optimism - and after a report in the late afternoon pointed towards failure, it appears with less than three hours to go some semblance of a deal has been reached. In his speech this morning, the President displayed a nonverbal illustrator which he uses well - the Split-Finger Fastball (note the video above at 0:42). This body language gesture derives its name because of its similarity to the hand configuration adopted during that particular baseball pitch. It is a very good alpha-beta hybrid. A less aggressive cousin of the "Dominant Spider", it has the advantages of being assertive, authoritative and confident without being overbearing (e.g. over-alpha). In contrast, far too many politicians and others in leadership positions use the index finger (forefinger) point without knowledge or empathy skills of just how cross-culturally offensive and rapport destroying it is.

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