Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2254:
John Boehner's Speech Today -
One Major Body Language Improvement
The U.S. Speaker of the House Should Make

John Boehner (R-OH) was re-elected by his republican colleagues as U.S. Speaker of the House. Of course this speech contains many nonverbals - a couple notables here:

Mr. Boehner's use of his hands is very minimal during this speech. In the world of body language, most hand-arm "gestures" are termed "Illustrators" (although other parts of the body/face can be illustrators as well) while others here fit into what are known as Manipulators, Adaptors or Pacifiers (MAPs). In general, although there are some exceptions, illustrators act to visually "underline", emphasize, accentuate, etc. simultaneous speech (although they can be used in absence of any verbal communication). Illustrators usually involve no self-touching.

MAPs involve of variations self-touching - although some examples of this category of body language may not at first glance seem to fit into this category. MAPs in general (exceptions here too) are signals of anxiety - and these can of course be greatly nuanced with added, layered meanings depending on the specific MAP and the other nonverbals with which they are clustered.

Speaker Boehner, throughout the vast majority of his speech today, used very little illustrators. Most of the time his left hand was placed on top of his right hand, with his right hand held in a loose fist. Such body language (one of many examples of a MAP) in this context is very ill-advised. Rather he would greatly benefit from skillful, congruent and relaxed use of illustrators - for they send signals of honesty, an alpha mindset, confidence and assertiveness. Together with other intangibles these qualities engender rapport. In fact, in face-to-face interactions, if a person does not use his hands, full and objective rapport is very difficult to establish. One who rarely uses his hands-arms (again in a congruent and relaxed manner) projects to her/his audience (even an audience of one) significantly reduced feelings of trust, reduced forthrightness and much less comfort-confidence. Of course, over-use, incongruent and "excessive-alpha" illustrators will backfire and also prevent and/or damage rapport - or worse.

Another under-appreciated MAP displayed several times in the above video is Mr. Boehner's short-lived biting of his right lower lip. Here his subconscious/edge of consciousness is attempting to squelch his emotions as he tries to prevent the display of happy-sad tears. This is well exemplified during the 5:06 - 5:12 segment.

Good luck to the entire 113th Congress.

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