Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2257:
Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian People and Spotting a Sociopath
Another Naked Emperor

The above image was taken today immediately after Bashar al-Assad gave his first public speech in since June, 2012. Although the photo is relatively low resolution and somewhat difficult to see, the detail of a central forehead contraction (CFC) is indeed displayed on the Syrian President. His mouth is configured in what is an attempt at a smile (Pseudo-Smile) yet it falls short of even a fair "Social Smile" from a nonverbal analysis perspective. His mouth is more consistent with the emotional tone of fear - although he is attempting to smile.

Occasionally everyone displays a central forehead contraction together with a "mouth smile". Such smiles are never sincere. This is a body language absolute. Moreover those who go beyond occasionally using this expression and example it chronically - as Bashar al-Assad very often does - should be highly suspect of sociopathic behavior. Obviously, given the indiscriminate carnage this "leader" has dealt to over 60,000 people in less than two years - many can draw this conclusion without any nonverbal knowledge. However approximately 4% of the adult population are sociopaths. Few will wreak such trauma as al-Assad, and yet they will still do great harm. Can you spot them before you: Hire them? Do business with them? Pick them for your jury? Vote for them? Date them? Marry them? Let them babysit?

How are your vetting skills?

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