Friday, November 16, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2192:
Senator Elect Ted Cruz -
"So by the third debate, I’m pretty certain
Mitt Romney actually French-kissed Barack Obama"
A Body Language Red Flag

In a speech today at the Federalist Society's Annual Conference, Senator Elect Ted Cruz (R-TX) demonstrated an ominous body language warning sign. Not that either party has a monopoly on this or other negative nonverbal emotional tells, for they are seen in abundance in both democrats and republicans - indeed in across all humanity. 

Though out the majority of this 1:27 video, the soon-to-be freshman Senator's central forehead muscles are contracted (CFC). The CFC is seen when there is significant physical or emotional pain - either felt directly for oneself, or for another person(s) or animal via empathy. HOWEVER, when the central forehead is contracted in the presence of these emotions, the remainder of the face should be congruent with these emotional-mental states - particularly the mouth. In this video Senator Elect Cruz's mouth is not

It's always a red flag when someone over-uses their forehead muscles, especially the central forehead - and even more-so in the presence of anything that resembles an attempt at a "smile". These are never true smiles though. All such smiles (with any forehead contraction) are false smile and indicate insincerity - for an absolute requirement for a sincere (Duchenne) smile is that the forehead must be relaxed. This is physiologic absolute.

Every human being occasionally wears the same expression that Senator Elect Cruz did in this video. It's interesting to note though, that the majority of people fall into a true dichotomy here (rather than a typically seen continuum of behavior) - they either rarely display this body language-facial expression or they wear this nonverbal often. Stay away from the second group. They are displaying a strong signal of insincerity

Any politician or "leader" of any type should be aware of such displays - for while this will be invisible to those who are sycophants - you will never win over independents or build any bridges during negotiations, campaigns, sales, conversation, etc. - any interaction which requires rapport. And it will destroy personal relationships. Others will rarely be able to quantify or qualify any facial expressions. They will simply be left with an (strong) uneasy feeling of insincerity.

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