Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2176:
James Carville's Body Language - Pennsylvania & Swing States

James Carville, a well-known political consultant and lead strategist for Bill Clinton in 1992, gives a monolog in this CNN video clip wherein he discusses his view of where the electoral college stands, his definition of swing states and which of those states are particularly important. Early in the video, he says, ".... I do not count Pennsylvania as a swing state, because if the Democrats lose Pennsylvania - they lose the election ...." then at the 0:17 mark he rubs his upper "mustache area" adjacent to his nose with his right hand. This nonverbal display upon making a definitive statement during an interview/monolog setting (or if he were answering a question) indicates that he does not believe his own statement. His body language shows us that there is a level of deception here - either Carville is lying to himself or to the audience.

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