Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2204: Kate Winslet's Body Language Shows Disgust, Humility and Sincerity Over Award (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The beautiful and talented Kate Winslet recently received the prestigious CBE honor and a medal from Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. Add humble to the list as well, for in this interview, Winslet speaks in a very clear manner about how she doesn't feel that she or her profession measures up to how others have and do contribute. Many body language signals are seen here, however a particularly telling moment is displayed during the 0:17 - 0:20 segment, where Ms. Winslet displays a nonverbal disgust cluster. Here Kate's words and paralanguage are highly consistent with her body language. When all three communication modes are congruent - the sincerity quotient is very high. 

You want people like Kate on your jury. And on your board. And teaching your children. And serving in your government. How's your voir dire skills? Can you vet yet? Can you spot insincerity?

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