Monday, November 5, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2179:
Mitt Romney & Barack Obama -
Sincere Hugs and True Affection

One key requirement of a sincere hug is closed eyes. If the eyes aren't closed the hug is not sincere. Period. Ninety percent of our sensory input and forty percent of the mass of our brains are dedicated to the visual system. When we close our eyes, the blood and nutrients and neuro-activity are slightly shunted to areas of the brain which serve the other four senses - as well as the cognitive and emotional centers. Thus when we close our eyes we "amp up" these other areas of our brains. If we are sincere - we instinctively want to experience the entire affection of the hug - thus we close our eyes.

Mitt Romney (hugging his grandson) and Barack Obama (hugging his daughter Malia) are both, of course, exhibiting this fundamental body language sign of sincerity.

Good luck tomorrow gentlemen. May all your actions be embraced with sincerity.

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