Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2191:
Anne Hathaway's Impersonation of Katie Holmes on SNL -
"Norming" Katie and Variations on a Theme

In this hilarious skit on Saturday Night Live, the beautiful Anne Hathaway gives her impersonation of the stunning Katie Holmes. Ms. Holmes is well known for her asymmetrical (social) "smile". This false-smile is, for her, normal - and makes interpretation of other nonverbals more challenging. With the exceptions of some suppressed smiles and the initial stages of some true smiles, the body language of a sincere smile (Duchenne) is always symmetrical. If a "smile" remains asymmetrical and it is not suppressed - it is either feigned or not a smile at all but contempt - which is often falsely interpreted as a coy or even "cute" smile. If you see such a false and dangerous "social smile" - whether in dating or in the business world - watch your back.

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The following images are, of course, the real Katie Holmes shown in different examples of sincere and pseudo-smiles - as well as some with other emotional components:

Sincere Smile,
Mildly Suppressed

Sincere Smile,
Moderately Suppressed

Social Smile (Feigned)
Katie's Classic Asymmetric

Social Smile (Feigned) with
Mild Contempt Component

Social Smile (Feigned) with
Mild Fear Component

Social Smile (Feigned) with
Mild-Moderate Disgust Component

Social Smile (Feigned) with Moderate Contempt Component