Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2207:
Body Language, Sincerity and Mahmoud Abbas
United Nations grants Palestine "Nonmember Observer State"

Today, in a vote of 138 to 9 with 41 abstentions, the United Nations voted to upgrade Palestine to "Nonmember Observer State" - a status equal to The Vatican. In the above image, Mahmoud Abbas, Palestine National Authority is displaying a classic nonverbal display of sincerity. The palms of his hands are touching his torso. Of particular distinction is Abbas' left hand shows full palmar contact to his sternum and the left side of his chest - over his heart. The Palestinian leader is humbled and this nonverbal configuration, along with other body language with which this sign is clustered, demonstrates a high sincerity coefficient.

Contrast this against Bashar al-Assad in the image below and in one of his numerous displays of "finger tips only" touching (and with only one hand) in the same anatomical area. Syrian's al-Assad has a multitude of low-sincerity & deception nonverbal signals - of which this but one example.

Palmar contact is a signal of sincerity and truthfulness. Interestingly, this is well exampled and particularly true in personal relationships. When affection wanes, hugs which once involved full palmar contact - degrade to "finger tips only hugs". This trend is an ominous signal and portends relationship failure - and in romantic situations often indicates an affair.

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In the video below Mahmoud Abbas can be seen displaying the palmar touch nonverbal at 1:02 - 1:01 and again at 1:00 (time counts down backwards).