Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2181:
Mitt Romney's Concession Speech -
and the Body Language of Lip Smacking

In this abbreviated/edited segment of Mitt Romney's concession speech, there are great examples of a display with is both paralanguage and nonverbal in nature. Lip Smacking. Because of the background noise and the camera occasionally pointed in other directions, it is difficult to tell for sure - however in this 1:44 video, the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate gives eight lip smacks. Although for an occasional person, this can be very habitual and in these settings can be thought of as a form of facial tic, such is not the case here for Governor Romney. 

Anyone who fought as hard as he did would (and many would say should), during his/her concession speech feel some degree of self-righteousness - otherwise why would they have run for office? There is no exception here and we may very well have seen this body language-paralanguage signal if Barack Obama would have lost. And although depending on the other nonverbals and paralanguage with which it is clustered it can be indicate other emotions - in his concession speech, Mitt Romney's multiple lip smacking display is a signal of a self-righteous emotional tone. He believes he is the best choice. He feels - naturally - that he and his ideas represent a superior way to run the country. All around us, many times a day - in our personal and professional lives, while the words say one thing - the nonverbal gives us another message. If you know what to look for - always trust the nonverbal.

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