Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2190:
President Obama's Body Language -
Press Conference 14 October 2012 -
Defense of Ambassador Susan Rice

In President Obama's first press conference since his re-election, he discussed many topics - including the Petraeus Scandal, the "Fiscal Cliff", Iran and the attack on the American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. The following are but some of the nonverbal signals during his defense of U.N. Ambassador, Susan Rice:

At the 0:00 mark, the President exhibits a "Forward Head Jut" which is a body language signal of extreme confidence and self-righteousness. This example is subtle and very brief.

There are multiple Microexpressions of Contempt from 0:37 - 0:45 as President Obama says, "If Senator McCain and Senator Graham want to go after someone - they should go after me." These are excellent examples of very subtle and evanescent displays of this extremely telling body language. Another contempt display is seen at 0:50 coincident with the words, "... But for them ..." which is longer and slightly less subtle.

The President displays an Incredulity nonverbal as he says, " .... the U.N. Ambassador ...." at 0:53. His in disbelief of John McCain's and Lindsey Graham's criticisms of Ms. Rice. Other very brief microexpressions of Contempt can be seen at 0:54 as well as at 1:03 as the President says, ".... besmirch ...."

The emotions of both Disgust and Incredulity can be seen simultaneously from 1:59 - 2:01 as Barack Obama says, "....But when the go after the U.N. Ambassador...."

A great subtle display of moderate to Severe Anger can be seen at 2:09 just after the President says, "...then they've got a problem with me....". Note that his eyelids open widely, with a relaxed forehead, jaw tension as well as tension in the "mustache area" for about a second. In the common colloquial, this could be called a "glare of anger". It too is short lived.

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